Evy Xpact - Modules


Xpact Separation

Xpact Separation, for example, separates collective PDFs into individual logically related pages for further processing. For example, the AI recognizes three-page invoices as belonging together so that these can be processed separately from other documents, without separating documents with related content into individual pages.

Xpact Classification

Xpact Classification first recognizes the document type (e.g. purchase order, delivery note, invoice, material certificate, contract) so that the document-typical contents can be read out and the document can be assigned to the appropriate contact person or storage system.

Xpact Reading

With Xpact Reading, all relevant and document-typical information is read according to the document classification (e.g. order, delivery note, invoice, material certificate, contract) and stored in your existing IT system (e.g. ERP system, CRM system, SAP). You define which information is to be read.

Xpact Workflow

With Xpact Workflow, you define the individual process steps and control rules according to which documents are processed and filed.

Xpact Search

With Xpact Search, you can search documents or databases not only by keywords, but also by contextual relationships such as “telephone bills over €100” or “rental contracts that have not been adjusted since 2016”.

Xpact Training

With Xpact Training, you can train the AI to automatically process additional document types in the future. We provide you with a pre-trained, ready-to-use solution, but if you want to extend it with additional document types, you can do so independently using our easy-to-use training module.

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