Evy Xpact - Workflow delivery notes


Our workflow for delivery notes is a good example of how Evy Xpact processes delivery notes quickly and reliably by first monitoring the incoming documents. Documents can be received via an API interface, FTP access, tokens or by monitoring the e-mail inbox and filtering out delivery notes. If a delivery note has been classified as such among the incoming documents (delivery notes, orders, invoices, contracts, etc.), the relevant information is read out and checked for correctness by comparing it with your database. If the delivery note is filled out correctly and completely, the data is automatically transferred to your existing IT system, e.g. an ERP or DMS system, and the person in charge is informed about the listed process. If, however, the delivery note is incorrect or incomplete, for example, because the customer has not been created in the system, because the address is incorrect or an incorrect date is specified, the delivery note is forwarded to the person responsible for revision. This means that the clerk is only involved when human intelligence is really necessary. This relieves the clerk of repetitive and monotonous tasks so that he/she can concentrate on other activities. Evy Xpact finally learns from the input and evaluations of the clerk for similar cases in the future, so that the software is continuously developed and increasingly makes decisions independently.

The modules used

Icon Xpact Classification

Xpact Classification

Recognition, sorting and filing of document types

Icon Xpact Reading

Xpact Reading

Reading out information typical for documents

Icon Xpact Workflow

Xpact Workflow

Individually and dynamically controllable rules

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