Evy Xpact - Workflow order entry


In the intelligent order entry workflow you can see how Evy Xpact processes delivery orders automatically. Documents can be received using an sFTP access or an API interface or by monitoring the e-mail inbox, where all delivery orders are automatically filtered out. The filter function is based on the classification of all incoming documents by assigning the documents to a specific document type using specific passwords (e.g. delivery order, invoice, purchase order, delivery note, etc.) If a delivery order has been identified among the incoming documents, all relevant information such as the customer, order numbers, loading and unloading points, weight and dimensions of the goods as well as hazard warnings are automatically read out. Content from tables is also reliably recorded.
By comparing the recorded data with your database, the information is then checked for errors and completeness and, if necessary, additional conditions, e.g. specific delivery information, are added. If the extracted data is correct and complete, it is automatically stored in your existing tour management or ERP system. If the data is incorrect or incomplete, the order is forwarded to an administrator for revision. By automating your order entry process, you can more easily meet critical delivery deadlines due to faster order processing, which has a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

The modules used

Xpact Validation

Checking of the extracted contents for correctness & completeness and enrichment of missing information

Xpact Classification

Classification of document types and sorting & filing

Xpact Separation

Logical separation of documents according to their content

Xpact Reading

Reading of document typical information

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