Evy Xpact - Workflow orders


Our order workflow is an example of how Evy Xpact processes orders quickly and reliably. For example, e-mail inboxes can be monitored and orders can be filtered out. Before these are processed further, the order is first compared with the database and checked for correctness. If the order details are correct, they are read out completely and stored in your existing IT system. Only if the order is incorrect or the data cannot be clearly assigned, the person responsible is involved. As a result, the clerk only receives those cases in which human intelligence is really necessary. Evy Xpact finally learns from the input and evaluations of the clerk for similar cases in the future, so that the software is continuously developed and increasingly makes decisions independently.

The modules used

Xpact Validation

Checking of the extracted contents for correctness & completeness and enrichment of missing information

Xpact Classification

Classification of document types and sorting & filing

Xpact Separation

Logical separation of documents according to their content

Xpact Reading

Reading of document typical information

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