Xpact Office


Fully automated processing of client documents using artificial intelligence

Credit bureaus and law firms know the problem – Filing client documents by file number/case number takes a lot of time.

Our software solution Xpact Office enables companies to process client documents fully automatically. Using our self-developed Artificial Intelligence, documents can be separated according to the file number/case number and then filed.

In addition to reducing employee workload and saving time, Xpact Office enables companies to significantly reduce their error rate.

Self-developed AI
Made in Germany

Implementation costs

Low number of documents
necessary for teaching

Pre-trained software for a
productive start

This is how automated processing of client documents works:

(1) The first step is to upload the client documents (from scan or emails) to the sFTP server.

(2)The file number/case number is read out.

(2a) According to the case where there is no file number/case number, the client documents are stored in a folder for documents that cannot be uniquely assigned.

(2b) The clerk must then manually edit the documents from the error folder.

(3) If a file number/case number could be read out, the client documents are separated according to it.

(4) Now the documents can be classified by their document type for better retrieval.

(5) Subsequently, the documents are stored in a folder (named after the file number/case number) on the sFTP server.

(6) The final step is to transfer the data to the company’s existing system.