Xpact Production


Fully automated processing of orders using artificial intelligence

Companies in the manufacturing sector know the problem – hundreds of orderscome in every day. Processing these costs employees a lot of time.

With our software solution Xpact Production, we offer fully automated processing of orders. Our self-developed artificial intelligence enables layout-independent order reading. This allows the information relevant for processing, such as the customer number, to be quickly identified. The information is then validated by our software and, where possible, enriched with data from the customer base so that it can be stored in the customer’s existing system. The employee is now solely informed about the processing and filing of the order.

In addition to saving time and reducing the workload of employees, companies can significantly reduce their error rate with Xpact Production.

Self-developed AI
Made in Germany

Implementation costs

Low number of documents
necessary for teaching

Pre-trained software for a
productive start

This is how automated order processing works:

(1) Incoming mail is automatically monitored by Xpact Production in the first step of the workflow.

(2) By means of classification, the incoming orders are automatically filtered out.

(2a) Unaffected by our software, the other incoming documents are forwarded to the relevant departments.

(3)The information required by the company is read from the order (e.g. customer number, quantity, price, etc.).

(4) In the next step, the information read out is checked for correctness and completeness. The data is now compared here with the company’s system and, if necessary, enriched with information from the master data.

(4a) If all informations are correct and complete, the order will be executed automatically by our software.

(4b) According to the case, the information is not correct, the clerk must edit the document manually.

(5) After successful execution, the orders are stored in the company’s existing ERP/DMS system.

(6) Likewise, the clerk is notified of successful execution and filing by e-mail.

Your cost and time savings:

While manual processing takes 24 hours per order and costs companies €3.29 per document, our solution can save over half the time and costs.
Thus, Xpact Production results in an overall time saving of more than 23 hours as well as a cost saving of € 2.94 per order.