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With Evy Xpact you can streamline work processes and make them more efficient.

With Evy Xpact, we at Evy Solutions offer a solution for automated processing and analysis of documents. For this purpose, we have developed our own Artificial Intelligence for text analysis, which facilitates work processes by separating, classifying, reading, keywording and archiving documents in your existing IT system in a fully automated manner.

Regardless of whether the information is structured or unstructured, what type of document or document format is available – we process your documents reliably and relieve your employees of monotonous, repetitive tasks so that they can concentrate on other tasks. You decide which information we extract for you and where the information is subsequently stored.

Self-developed AI
Made in Germany

Implementation costs

Low number of documents
necessary for teaching

Pre-trained software for a
productive start

What makes our software so special?

Thanks to our specially developed artificial intelligence, we can offer you a completely automated analysis and processing, independent of the document structure.
This means: Evy Xpact does not work position-based, but text-based.

Conventional position-based data readout

Text-based data readout with Evy Xpact

What are the advantages of Evy Xpact?

With Evy Xpact you can make your work processes easier, faster and more efficient.

Which document types/formats are analyzed?

These and other document types are analyzed:

Transport orders

Document types - orders


Document types - Delivery notes

Delivery notes

Document types - receipts


Document types - contracts


Document types - Factory certificates

Factory certificates

These and other document formats are processed:








Our modules

Xpact Training

Independent extension of the AI training model

Xpact Validation

Checking of the extracted contents for correctness & completeness and enrichment of missing information

Xpact Classification

Classification of document types and sorting & filing

Xpact Separation

Logical separation of documents according to their content

Xpact Reading

Reading of document typical information

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