About us


Our history

After more than eight years of research and development work, Evy Solutions GmbH was founded in June 2017 by Michael Vogel and Arian Storch. Based on our own Artificial Intelligence, we offer solutions for intelligent document analysis and processing for the automation of business processes. With Evy Xpact we serve the business environment and with Evy Companion the private environment. 

In March 2019 we were included in the Tech Boost Program of Deutsche Telekom, which enabled us to win Deutsche Telekom as a marketing and sales partner.  

In September 2019, we received our first award from Deutsche Bahn as part of the DB Startup Program 2019 in the “Construction Tech” category. 

Our AI software platform has already proven in
practice that it can revolutionize document analysis and content processing in companies of all sizes.

Arian Storch

The core idea of our software was not only to give the customer access to his mail and important documents via a digital channel, but to automate the typical steps for him. This means that the classification, indexing, recognition of important contents as well as the sorted filing and archiving is done fully automatically by our software.

Michael Vogel